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Clark State Library Policies and Procedures: Strategic Plan


Clark State Library’s vision is to enhance student achievement, engage in outreach and encourage collaboration among the students, faculty and staff of Clark State Community College (CSCC). This vision supports CSCC’s vision by providing reading materials and information literacy workshops to ensure the academic success of our students.

The vision of Clark State Community College is to build a community that empowers individuals to experience intellectual growth by creating opportunities for them to be accepted, challenged, held accountable, rewarded, and transformed. CSCC’s mission is to serve a diverse population of learners by providing access to high-quality, learning–centered education and services while fostering individual and community success.


Clark State Library supports the educational curriculum of its host institution by

  • selecting, acquiring, organizing and providing reading materials in a variety of formats that meet the academic, educational and informational needs of the CSCC community.
  • providing a qualified professional and support staff.
  • providing information literacy workshops to help students develop critical thinking skills and become independent life-long learners.
  • providing professional research assistance and consultation.


In the fall of 2013, Clark State Community College began a strategic planning process; the final product was the result of a campus-wide collaborative effort. The 2014-2020 Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap to lead Clark State into the future and to ensure that the college is focused on student success and serving its community. Clark State Community College Library in the summer of 2016 developed a four-year strategic plan designed both to contribute to and to help its host institution fulfill the goals of its strategic plan.

Goal 1: Increase enrollment, student success engagement, retention and completion.

Goal 2: Improve communication and collaboration within the College and with our diverse communities, businesses, and industries.

Goal 3: Develop quality academic, community and support programs by creating an innovative learning environment.

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